On 6 April 1917 the United States declared war on Germany. As well as increasing the number of Allied troops on the ground in 1918, the entry of the Americans into the war revived morale. The focus was now on hope and victory.
In the project ‘1918, The Final Offensive’, three exhibitions illuminate different aspects of the last year of the war.

The temporary exhibition in Zonnebeke forms the starting point, providing a general introduction as well as paying close attention to the Army Group Flanders and the role of the Belgians in the final offensive.

In Heuvelland the Battle of Kemmel Hill is central, highlighting in particular the German spring offensive and the first deployment of American troops in Flanders.

The exhibition in Waregem explores in more depth the final days of the war, during which the Americans had a crucial part to play.

The three complementary exhibitions together form a tourist route that also sheds light on the scars in the landscape and the countless places of remembrance. You can visit the exhibitions from 21 April until 15 November (Heuvelland exhibition until 15 December). The entrance is free of charge.